December 9, 2018

What’s Your Fitness Age? VO2 Max vs. Muscle

By phy6

Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity in Humans – MoTrPAC

Exercise is medicine. We know that when you exercise, your muscle pro-duces beneficial compounds that circulate and communicate with the liver, bone, heart, brain, and more,” says Scott Trappe, Ph.D.

VO2 max has been shown to be the single best predictor of current and future health,” says Wisløff. The American Heart Association agrees

The point at which you optimize health by exercise and significantly drop your fitness age is when you are able to generate 10 to 12 metabolic equivalents of tasks, commonly known as METs.

METs are a measure of exercise intensity. Sleeping is one MET. Walking 4 miles per hour earns you five METs. Running about 8 miles per hour or cycling 16 miles per hour scores 12 METs.

Wisløff found that standard aerobic-exercise advice—150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 of vigorous activity weekly—is flawed

He says that even if you do exercise “enough,” the exercise you are doing may be insufficient to make you truly fit.

intervals are ideal for spiking your VO2 max and challenging your heart, which in turn adapts by increasing the amount of blood each beat pumps, boosting oxygen delivery

The treadmill has been spinning for 15 minutes, and I’m running 7.5 miles per hour at a 12 percent incline. I tap out.

there are other variables that have to be factored in. Look at serious endurance athletes. Sure, their VO2 max is off the charts, but they look like they’re on the tail end of a hunger strike, and they’re weak as heck.

“Muscle is king,” says Andy Galpin, Ph.D.

Healthy muscle controls blood-sugar levels and mitigates over-inflammation, which is implicated in pretty much all the diseases that’ll kill you. Powerful muscles may be just as important as a powerful heart regarding mortality

creating a formula to calculate my fitness age, Kechijian and Dr. Fredericson insisted that I test my strength in four key areas.

  1. First up: a trap bar – Men with the strongest handgrip and greatest muscular strength reduced their risk of death by 31 and 14 percent. Next go for 1.75 times your body weight, an optimal metric for health.
  2. strength test two: pushups. my reps, reaching 40, which is 12 more than the target number for optimal aging for guys in their 30s, according to Dr. Fredericson, citing recommendations from the Mayo Clinic. @@ Pure Type I fibers drive slower, everyday movements, while pure Type IIs power explosive movements. Time plus inactivity shifts the balance to Type I fibers, one reason older people tend to move more slowly. The smaller your Type II fibers, the seemingly older your muscle. @@ you’re massively compromising your health if you’re doing only cardio.
  3. For test three, I grab a jump rope. 50 skips on my right foot, then repeat on my left, optimal numbers for each side.
  4. The final strength test is the Turkish getup. I grab a 24-kilo kettlebell and lie on my back, bell overhead. The task: get up while keeping the bell overhead.

call Kelly Starrett — a physical therapist and mobility guru who works with people ranging from Navy SEALs to elite athletes to Silicon Valley CEOs — and ask him what I’m still missing. “So many people chase infinite cardio or strength capacity,” he says. “You need just as much movement capacity

Starrett suggests a final test in my aging assessment, an overhead squat with a broomstick

  • people who move in a variety of ways have significantly longer telomeres than less active people.

I’ve traded a running session for a workout in which I forget the numbers on the stopwatch and barbell and focus entirely on improving my mobility. I’ll even count a long walk through the desert with my dog as a workout, a moving meditation that improves my health, my mind, and the quality of my years.

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