September 24, 2008

RSS + TORRENTS = TV goodness :)

By psi

A quick and dirty guide to auto downloading commercial free TV shows with uTorrent and RSS feeds.

  1. Go get yourself the best bit-torrent client uTorrent and install it.
  2. Right click on the RSS feed area and select Add RSS Feed as shown.
  3. Enter the Feed URL as shown.
  4. The feed will appear in the RSS Feeds area as below.
  5. Go up to Options. Select RSS Downloader.
  6. Add a new feed similar to what’s shown below and pay attention to the circled areas. uTorrent does not use regular expressions. Instead it’s something more similar to the pattern matching in DOS. For this filter:
    1. I’m getting Entourage episodes
    2. I don’t like 720P versions
    3. Since it’s a new filter, I just want the torrents to load up in my queue and wait to be started manually. Once I see what shows are being matched by this filter, I’ll uncheck the Don’t start downloads automatically box and it’ll be fully automated.
  7. One last thing to note. If you’re automatically downloading shows, it’s a good idea to limit your uploading to control bandwidth usage. So don’t forget to add something similar to what I’ve done below in your uTorrent options.
  8. Enjoy!