May 3, 2005

RSS feeding your torrents

By psi

Bit Torrents +
RSS feeds +
Regualr Expressions (or basic substring matching) =
Automatic Downloads of TV shows!!! 😀

I just figured this out and then searched and found this link which describes all how to do it..

Basically, you just upgrade your azureus to the latest version.. when you open it, it will prompt you.
Then once it’s done all that BS, go to “Plugins” -> “Installation Wizard…” -> “By list from”
Select the one called “RSS Feed Scanner”.. not the “RSS Import one”.

You now have a plugin that can automatically parse RSS feeds and download shows based on your filter specifications. And you can also view the list of torrents currently in the RSS feed and create a filter based on one of them by right clicking.. sooo easy.

Here’s a URL to your first RSS feed to work with:

I’m currently looking for more RSS feeds but for now I needed to get the word out.