April 18, 2020

Day #37 – “Body Armor”

By phy6


Part A) 5 Sets:
1 Squat Complex
Rest :30s between

1 Squat Complex (Click Video for demo):
5 Weighted Bottom Range Squats
5 Weighted Full Range Squats
5 Weighted Full Range Jumping Squats
5 Unweighted Max Height Jumping Squats

Part B) Not for Time:
20 Slow Cossack Squats (Click Video for demo):
This is 10 per side


  • Athletes choice on loading on the weighted squats
  • If using a single dumbbell, hold in goblet position
  • Looking for speed, versus slow-and-grindy
  • Be explosive
  • Final jumping squats… go for max height
  • If we do not have any traditional weights, grab a backpack/bag, or just go bodyweight