April 8, 2020

Day #27 – “Body Armor”

By phy6

Body Armor

4 Giant Sets, Not for Score:
:30s Single Leg Hold (left)
:30s Single Arm Hold (right)
:30s Bird Dog (left)
:30s Bird Dog (right)
Rest as needed between sets.

Not for score, but for quality movement.

Single Leg Hold

Movement Demo – Video

  • Single leg focus, training hip flexor/midline strength
  • Be aware of our midline here… lock down the rib cage
  • Extend knee as best as we can, while maintaining engaged back (avoid hyperextension)

Bird Dog

Movement Demo — Video

  • If right arm comes up, left leg comes up
  • Aim here is a straight line from raised fingers to toes
  • Get “as long” as we can here
  • Focus on keeping squared off at shoulders and hips – fight the rotation