April 6, 2020

Day #25 – Body Armor Benchmark

By phy6

Body Armor Benchmark (A)

Max Reps:

  • Dumbbell Strict Press (left)
  • Dumbbell Strict Press (right)

Pulling some baselines in our first Body Armor session together. We will be re-testing this benchmarks in the coming weeks, so let’s be sure to track these scores down.

Dumbbell Strict Press

  • Enter both scores below (left and right arm)
  • Simple standard – locked out knees and hips (no momentum)
  • One end of the bell touches the shoulder, to overhead
  • Rest as needed between right and left side (doesn’t need to be right into it)
  • If you do not have a dumbbell (or cant press the one we have for 5+), pushups for max reps

Body Armor Benchmark (B)

Max Set:

  • L-Hang Position

Setting a midline baseline here, after our pressing test.


  • Off pull-up bar, hinged 90 degrees at the waist with toes pointed above knees
  • We are looking for a 10s minimum score here, so let’s modify to reach that (we want room to grow)
  • Bend the knees to reduce loading on the midline
  • If without access to a pull-up bar, complete as a static Hollow hold. Click forĀ Video.

* Standard being 90 degree’s at the hips, toes above knees. Modify to achieve a (10) second minimum standard by bending knees, or through a hollow hold position.