August 29, 2006

Computer Remote Control – UltraVNC

By psi

Something new… UltraVNC from SourceForge. A vastly improved computer remote control solution from the early VNC days. Especially when you want to connect to the console session of…. a Win2K server that doesn’t allow that natively with Terminal Services… way to go M$.

Some of the cool things it supports:

  • Option to use windows based authentication (no separate users/passwords)
  • Easy potential for full 2 way encryption (although I haven’t tried this yet)
  • Good performance since it hooks onto the video driver. (Still not quite as good as Remote Desktop/Terminal Services).
  • Decent price of $free dollars.
  • Potential to let multiple people connect in and view the same session.
  • Auto locking the station if disconnected/connection closed.

Find it here: