April 13, 2020

Day #32 – “Body Armor”

By phy6


On the 1:30 x 6 Sets:
Weighted Split Squat Complex
Unweighted Split Squat Complex

First set is completed entirely on a single side. Second set on the opposite, totaling three total for each side. Choice of weight, and how to hold.

1 Split Squat Complex – Video Here
7 Bottom Range Split Squats
7 Top Range Split Squats
7 Full Range Split Squats


  • One set = Two complexes, first weighted, and then unweighted (same leg)
  • This is a total of 42 reps per set (21 weighted, 21 unweighted)
  • Athlete’s choice on loading for the weighted portion, and how to hold
  • Intention is unbroken each time
  • Opt for intensity and speed over slow and potentially stops
  • Elevate your leg on anything between knee and hip height (counter tops, chair)
  • If we do not have any loads, not even a backpack to hold, complete all bodyweight